My Cokie

The secret to learning how to play tennis, my grandfather always said, is to find a doubles partner better than you. That axiom occurred to me on my drive into work this morning as I listened to several high powered female journalists share their experiences with and show their respect for Cokie Roberts. Station managers, … Continue reading My Cokie


What I’ve Learned

Happy New Year! It’s what my mother taught me to say at the end of every August from as early as I can remember. I’m a teacher’s kid, you see. And a teacher. The beauty of what we do is that every year is a chance to reinvent ourselves. We never lose the excitement of … Continue reading What I’ve Learned

Shifting Sands

I thought my surfing days were behind me. Not that they ever really existed in the first place. I’ve always been too uncoordinated, maybe a little scared. I know the ocean, though. I lived right next to it from birth until almost 14—spent my summers being tossed by waves, swallowing sand, rubbing the hard-packed stuff … Continue reading Shifting Sands


There’s an app I installed on my phone today.  Why?  Because this kid who used to remember what every family member was wearing on her father’s birthday in 1979—her memory might be going, and she saw some pictures on Facebook that reminded her that this was an important week, a few times over. I ended … Continue reading Timehop


The desk in my study stands flush against a window in our walk-out basement--a view into the lower woods that separates us from Wiehle Avenue.  Despite my desire for year-round tropical climes, it's a view that may keep me in Virginia post retirement.  After all, we're sending two children to college out-of-state, and cardboard boxes … Continue reading Ekphrasis