In the midst of drama, the kids are all right.

According to the latest research, the average human requires eight hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth. On a related topic, when a play ends and the curtain closes, everything goes dark for a minute on the other side.  The human mass stands in black for a second, smelling of … Continue reading In the midst of drama, the kids are all right.


My Vinyasa Life

First, some news:  My book, Anansi and Friends is up for presale with Finishing Line Press. As I’ve said on other social media outlets, preordering is key with many small presses, so if you are at all interested in how my tribe and I, medical science, and more than a bit of luck and love … Continue reading My Vinyasa Life


The desk in my study stands flush against a window in our walk-out basement--a view into the lower woods that separates us from Wiehle Avenue.  Despite my desire for year-round tropical climes, it's a view that may keep me in Virginia post retirement.  After all, we're sending two children to college out-of-state, and cardboard boxes … Continue reading Ekphrasis